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Such as the little Downy keep, we just want to scrub a gentle butch all over us. ”

Soft butch

” describes a lesbian or queer girl that isn’t very a


, it isn’t rather a


both. They fall somewhere throughout the butch spectrum. That they like to switch their unique button-downs entirely upwards, and perhaps also atart exercising . collar jewellery from time to time. They have a tendency getting gorgeous eyes, wonderful lips, and just be really hot generally tbh.

a smooth butch is actually a somewhat a lot more elegant (or “softer”) form of a
butch lesbian.
They truly are difficult but sensitive — such as the best chicken nugget.


“butch lesbian”

is normally identified by their own swagger. It really is style selections, yes, like usually wearing boots with cuffed trousers or many rings, but it’s in addition a particular je ne sais quoi that just a butch would comprehend. A “soft butch” is actually a toned down or “softened” version of this swagger. If a butch lesbian exudes gender, a soft butch exudes gender with many crying after.

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How is actually a “smooth butch” distinct from “butch”?

Smooth butch energy is an individual who will

very top you

then move you to a cup of tea. Its an individual who will develop you some home furniture while speaking about their particular mommy issues. They may be great cooks which also learn a lot about astrology. They are much more chapstick lesbians than

lip stick lesbians

— although playing by tight gender regulations is not a gentle butch’s thing (or any queer woman’s tbh.) They have manicures but only pick a leading coat. They are going to constantly provide to push, even if they can be terrible at it.

Soft butches are tough but sensitive, like an amazing chicken nugget. Just, a chicken nugget who knows the way you use

a strap


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